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  • f12 Fullscreen mode
  • wasd Movement
  • C
  • shift Walk, steady aim
  • space Jump
  • F
    Interact (place/disarm beacon)
  • V
    Knife stab
  • G
    Grenade (if you have this skill)
  • 1
    Secondary weapon
  • 2
    Primary weapon
  • 3
    Support device (if you have it)
  • R
    Weapon reload
  • left mouse button Shoot
  • right mouse button Aim
  • T
    enter Chat
  • tab Statistics

Video Walkthrough

A world in the near future, where military action is carried out by Private Military Companies (PMC). Choose Western USEC or Russian BEAR, and join the battles of Tarkov.

  • stunning 3D graphics in your browser
  • HUGE arsenal of modern guns (more than 90 unique weapons)
  • weapon customization with a lot of mods
  • 15+ locations to fight
  • leveling & skill trees with more than 100 skills to unlock
  • daily contracts and achievements
  • clan system


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