• wasd to move.
  • left mouse button to shoot.
  • right mouse button to aim down the sights.
  • space to jump.
  • shift to sprint.
  • M
    to enter the menu.
  • X
    to open the abilities menu. is an ability-shooter for the browser that feels a bit like Halo or Destiny. Beyond just your typical ""point and shoot"" mechanics, choose from a diverse range of abilities which include: teleport, sprinting, triple jump, flash grenades and smoke grenades.  

The weapon system in is a bit different than other browser shooters, like Krunker or Venge, in which you cannot pick up weapons on the map. In, you choose the primary weapon you start with: a hand cannon, auto rifle or laser rifle. Each of the different primary weapons falls into a different archetype. For example, the auto rifle does low damage but has a fast rate of fire. The laser rifle has high damage but a slow rate of fire. 

In addition to choosing a primary weapon, you can also pick up weapons on the map. There are three possible weapons you pick up: the shotgun, sniper and rocket launcher. The pickup weapons are quite a bit stronger than your primary weapon, but have limited ammo. So you need to make your shots count to take full advantage of them.


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