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Khan Wars is a pioneer, free to play, medieval MMO strategy game. Throughout the years Khan Wars has become a favorite game to some of the most experienced and skilled gamers from around the world as it encompasses all classical elements of an excellent strategy including developing a mighty empire, establishing a powerful army, crafting cunning strategies and most importantly - fighting other players in order to establish dominance in the medieval world.

Here are some of the most prominent features of Khan Wars:

• Nations - You can choose from 14 well-balanced nations, each having a bonus that impacts your economy, battle strength or trading. In time you can recruit nation specific units that will change your battle tactics and help you gain an edge over other players.
• Cities - Develop and fortify your own medieval city through new buildings and strategic structures. You can choose the path of steady economic growth, ruthless raids upon enemy objects, thoughtful trading, wise diplomacy, and guild team play or any mixture of those that you find convenient.

• Units - During the game, you can conquer more castles and recruit up to 28 different units - infantry, archers, cavalry, siege machines, and nation-specific special units. These troops can be further upgraded to improve their attack and defense capabilities. Use them to smash your opponents or the Bandit hordes on the map.

• Battles - The greatest asset of the game is the battle tactics system. There are literally thousands of different strategies for you to find out while you compete with other players. Spying your opponents is also crucial in times of war.

• Guilds - The guilds in the Khan Wars represent a group of players united by their guild leader. With your guild, you can battle others as well as conquer mighty citadels, control map territories, and spread your power. There is also a guild chat available which allows team members to communicate in real-time. This is very useful for discussing policies, strategies or coordinated actions.


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